The Stow Simple Sort

The Stow Simple Sort

Regular price $400

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your space? Tired of moving things around because they don’t have a home? Struggling to keep on top of housework and daily chores? Then the Stow Sort is for you.

Using our simple living principles we work with you to transform your home into a tranquil, spacious sanctuary.

The Stow Simple Sort is best suited to one space - kitchen, office, wardrobe, kid’s room. For multiple spaces check out The Stow Complete Sort.

How it works 

- Insight (45 mins): In your home or online. We look at the space to be sorted, identify your needs then set to work planning your simplified space.

- Plan: We will follow up within 2 days with a game plan for your Sort including storage suggestions and what to expect from your Stow Sort.

- Sort Day (4 hrs). We work with you to simplify, clear and organise your space. 

- We take away items that can be donated and you’re left to enjoy your simplified space.


- Following the Insight we will suggest what storage you need to complete the space. We only ever recommend products free of plastic that are well made and designed to last. All storage is an additional cost and will be clearly quoted prior to your Sort. Wherever possible we utilise storage already in your home.

- A part of the simplifying process is deciding which items you no longer want or need in your space. Ideally we work with you on this part of the Sort. We also understand that some clients just love for us to do it all. During the Insight we discuss your needs and very happily transform spaces with clients not present.

- If you need to re-schedule your Sort please give at least 48 hrs notice.

- Additional hours charged at $80/hr.

- We will arrange for larger items such as furniture or electronics to be collected for donation or resale. (Charges may apply).

- The Stow Sort is currently available in the Byron area. To arrange a Stow Sort at your place please contact us

Once you have made your purchase we be in touch to book in your Stow Sort.