The Stow Pantry Sort

The Stow Pantry Sort

Regular price $1,200

Love the idea of a zero-waste kitchen but don’t have the time. Leave it to us!

We’ll come into your home and give your Pantry a complete Stow makeover.

The end result will be a stylish, sustainable pantry that allows you to prepare nourishing meals and snacks from simple ingredients sourced from the bulk food store and your local farmer’s market.


- We start with a 45 minute assessment of your pantry/kitchen (in person or online).

- We make our recommendations.

- We then come to your home and in just a few short hours (3-4) we transform your pantry to a waste-free wonderland.

- Included in The Stow Pantry Sort is up to 40 jars and a collection of waste free accessories.

Once you have made your purchase we will contact you to book in your Stow Sort.

We currently service the Byron Bay Area. (Please contact us for details on a Stow Sort Experience in your area).