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Custom Embossed Labels
Custom Embossed Labels
Custom Embossed Labels

Custom Embossed Labels

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Our signature embossed labels are a stylish way to label your storage jars.

Each label is crafted from aluminium and attaches to glass with a strong adhesive tape.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your labels to be crafted.


- Labels attach best to glass surfaces which are flat. Due to the stiff nature of the label they will not stick to small round jars or bottles.
- Avoid placing in the dishwasher.
- A jar with an embossed label is best washed gently by hand then dried immediately.

- Please add your label selections to the note section at checkout. 
- Labels are custom made so please check spelling carefully. 
- Select only letters or '-'. No other punctuation is available.
- For any changes please email us at


Custom Embossed Labels