The Stow Sort

The Stow Sort is a holistic organising service based in the rolling hills of Byron Bay. We merge minimalism with conscious living principles to transform your home to a tranquil, spacious sanctuary.
Our one-on-one offerings will help you simplify your belongings, streamline your space and create mindful daily rituals to maintain simplicity in your home and your life.  
The Stow Sort honours the planet by using storage made from glass, wood, paper or metal. Our carefully curated collection of storage products are designed to last a lifetime, then at the end of their life can be recycled or composted. 
What happens in a Sort?
Our initial chat is to identify the areas to be sorted and the storage required. We discuss what currently works and what doesn't and come up with a plan for Sort Day.
Sort day involves a flurry of activity as our team simplify, sort and organise your belongings to get to that beautiful place of just enough.
The result is always more space, a better flow to your home and a feeling of calm.
The Stow Sort is available in Byron + Hinterland, Gold Coast and Sydney (by request).
To book a Sort -