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Here at Stow we're passionate minimalists. With almost a decade of minimalism and simple living experience we understand that simplifying your home (and life) can often be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. 

The School of Minimalism simplifies the process and reduces the overwhelm by gently guiding you through the sifting and sorting of your belongings, releasing what is no longer needed.

Our minimalism packages transform overflowing spaces to calm sanctuaries.

In-home organisation

Infusing minimalism into your home, studio, holiday accomodation or workspace. We sift, simplify and streamline your space to bring more ease to your life.

Our full service packages take care of all the details from sorting and sifting, purchasing of storage suited to your space, installation of storage, full sort and simplify, then removal of items no longer needed.

We source the highest quality storage wares that are sustainably crafted and designed to last.  


$90/hour (minimum 4 hours)

The School of Minimalism works with clients in Byron and the surrounding Hinterland.

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