Our new collection 'HOME' by Stow is landing in early 2021


As we have embraced simple living in our home over the years we knew that when Stow was born these same simple living ideals would be woven into every aspect of the way we do business. It has become a beautiful extension of the way we live and our hope is that through our mindful collection of storage products we can weave a dose of simple living into your home. 

The embrace the idea that buying beautifully quality products means we buy less. We consume mindfully and with purpose, and every purchase we make we consider where the product was sourced, or grown, or made and we think about where the product will end up when we've finished with it - can it be easily recycled, repurposed or put back into the land from which it came?

Stow products are both useful and beautiful. They are products which leave a gentle footprint at the end of their life (ideally none at all) and are designed to last for generations.

In an ode to a time where products were crafted by hand, using the very best local materials we have created a collection of simple storage wares. Products designed to encourage simple living.


Timbers are sourced locally and responsibly. Tasmanian Oak is used for its durability and beautiful tones, while fast growing Paulownia is used where a light weight timber is needed.


Our local makers are crafts people who are passionate about small scale production. Their workshops are dotted across the Byron Hinterland and are a hive of activity during production.